LIU-SPS Beam Dynamics Working Group (SPS Upgrade Study Team before 2010)

Chairperson: Elena Shaposhnikova (BE/RF)

Scientific Secretary: Hannes Bartosik (BE/ABP)


Mandate of the Working Group  

This BD WG will study the options for the upgrade of the SPS using beam measurements during Machine Development sessions, simulations and calculations with the goal of making the optimum use of the possibilities offered by the injectors both for the LHC and for other SPS users (e.g. fixed target physics). The team reports to the LIU-SPS coordination team (B. Goddard - coordinator)).

This WG should identify limitations in the existing SPS and propose and study possible solutions in close interaction with other LIU-SPS WGs and the team studying the upgrade of LHC itself. The ultimate goal is to reliably provide the LHC with the beam required for High Luminosity LHC.



last updated on Monday, October 07, 2019