Members of the LIU-SPS Beam Dynamics Working Group


G. Arduini


  T. Argyropoulos BE/RF  
  H. Bartosik BE/ABP scientific secretary
  T. Bohl BE/RF  
  F. Caspers BE/RF  
  S. Federmann BE/RF  
  G. Iadarola BE/ABP  

J. E. Muller BE/RF

E. Metral BE/ABP
  N. Mounet BE/ABP  
  Y. Papaphilippou BE/ABP  
  G. Rumolo BE/ABP  
  B. Salvant BE/ABP  
  E. Shaposhnikova BE/RF chairperson
M. Taborelli TE/VSC

H. Timko BE/RF


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